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Summer Must-Reads for Principals to Recharge their Batteries

Fill your leadership bucket with these meaningful titles, perfect for school leaders

Summer is when I finally find the time and heart space to read those titles that I've been stockpiling all busy year! It's funny though. Even though I've left the classroom and become a school principal, people still ask me if I enjoy my summer's off. I kindly inform them that, although summer is the traditional downtime for most educators, principals work year round.

You see, I am always thinking about my students and my staff. I can't not think about them! They are my extended family; the people I've been called to serve in my community.

Therefore, even if I'm working in the garden, on a road trip with my sweet family, or scrolling on my phone on a lazy Tuesday morning - I'm always a school principal.

Summer Time Bucket-Filling Reads

I love reading - I really do! However during the school year, it's tough for me to find the energy (not to mention the time) to read for pleasure or for fun. I'm so envious of those of you who have found ways to work reading into your daily routine. I'll keep trying, but for now, I tend to stockpile my wishlist of great titles and save them until the calmer summer.

In the summer, I am not as regimented about my own bedtime. After all, it's okay if I sleep in a little when I don't have to be at school for crosswalk greetings!

If you are looking for a few great summer reads that are great for school principals and leaders but are also great for the soul, then check out this list. These are some of my favorites ~ even though I've read them before, a few of them are on my "must read again!" list this summer.

Do you have other great reads that you recommend principals enjoy in the summer? Please leave your list