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100 Stock Photos specifically designed for school!  Use these photos while using your NEW Social Media Calendar (calendar not included, find it here: PRINCIPAL’S SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR – or BUNDLE and save on the COMPLETE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT)


If you’re rushed for time, these ready-to-use graphics are a great way to keep your social media accounts fresh in a flash!

This purchase is for an “add on” of 100 beautiful photos with school themes. Save time and effort by choosing one of these ready-to-go images to pair with a school-related topic.  Easily share the great things that are happening in your classroom, school, and community.


The 100 Stock Photos are in these 9 Categories:
Fall (10), Winter (10), Spring(10), Summer (10), Thank You (20), Motivation (10), Symbols (10), Reminders (10), and Activities (10)


Instantly download your 100 graphics! You’ll receive access to 3 zip files filled with 100 png files (high quality graphics) to instantly upload onto Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The graphics are 1080x1080px and are fully compatible with IG, FB, and/or Twitter. Save them to your hard drive, Google Drive, or on a flash drive for easy access. Hand them to a secretary and let them support your efforts as building leader. Post them to social media in a second.


I have not put a copyright symbol on the images – this purchase gives you rights to use these images on your school’s social media page, royalty-free.


Also available! MONTHLY POWER PACKS for principals! Focus on School Culture, plus tools for social media, reader boards, and student/staff recognition.


This purchase is for one licensed purchase of these 100 graphics for your use; reproducing and distributing is prohibited. Copyright 2022 Sassy Bluejay, LLC – All rights reserved.


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