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Journal Prompts for Educators ~ How to Stay Inspired and Positive In School

Meaningful Journaling Ideas for Teachers, Principals, and Educators to Help Stay Inspired

Journaling is an amazing way to combat the daily stresses inherent in our career. Even one journal entry per day can turn our attitudes and perspectives toward the positive. Because let’s be honest – working in a helping field is one tough job! If the job was as simple as those stock photos make it out to be, employee morale would be high, graduation rates and test scores would sore, and employee retention rates would be through the roof!

The reality of the job is this: helping people is very complex. Helpers, care providers, teachers and educators are forced to juggle hundreds of tasks (many of them essential) – Every. Single. Day. Curriculum, instructional strategies, formative and summative assessments, whole-child wellness, mental health, physical health, team dynamics, departments, PLCs, professional development, evaluation, grading, planning, making copies, parent phone calls, classroom management…the list is endless and often overwhelming!

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Journaling Definitely Helps

Over the years I’ve coped with the stresses of the career in various ways. On my own, confiding in my partner, talking with fellow colleagues, talking to non-colleagues, exercise, prayer and meditation – all of these strategies have their benefits and their challenges.

I love creating a journal entry about work because it’s a safe space for me to put down all those thoughts that are in my mind but may have consequences if I say them out loud. For example, we all know people who may misunderstand what we’re saying. (ex. Do you have a “fixer” in your life? Or someone who will take you literally when you say, “I can’t do this another day!”) Perhaps you’re what I like to call “a verbal processor”, where you sometimes talk your way into understanding, but the road to get there is a little rocky.

By having a safe, sacred place to write down my thoughts – even the politically incorrect, dissenting opinion, not-so-shiny, honest reflections about my career or a colleague or issue, I have unraveled several tough situations and found great solutions on the other side. Each journal entry is raw, real and healing. If you’ve never tried it, now is a great time to start!

What You’ll Need

First things first when it comes to journaling – you need to assemble your favorite supplies!

  1. Super Cute Journal

  2. Pens you LOVE

  3. Colorful markers (don’t limit yourself to text only ~ illustrations and doodles are fun

  4. Ruler, stickers or other fun equipment

  5. A journal entry prompt (what you have here!)

I suggest getting your hands on a super cute, dedicated journal that inspires you and that you’re motivated to use. Dedicate special pens or markers to your writing (that means DON’T take them to school and use them for grading!). Have fun and get creative with colors while journaling.

Check out some of the great ideas about bullet journals that are available. These always inspire me! Don’t limit yourself to words; add doodles, illustrations, bullets and dividers. So much of education is scripted and sequential; enjoy this opportunity to be reflective and creative at the same time.

Cute Journal Inspiration

Sweet Pens and Markers

(Primrosia is my favorite brand!)

Fun Journal Supplies

How to Use These Journal Entry Prompts

So what do you say? Will you try it for 30 days? See how you feel on the other side. Let me know your results in the comments below, and be sure to share them with your colleagues! Even better – grab an accountability partner and check in with each other daily. Text one another when you “did your homework,” or better yet, sit face-to-face with a trusted colleague and use the questions to drive a healthy, positive conversation.

Perhaps you’ll start a 10 minute timer and challenge yourself to write, nonstop, for that period of time. Maybe you’ll commit to writing one page for each prompt. Jump around! Do them in order or out of order – either way! Use these as meditations and ponder them on your way to school. Start here, then use these prompts as inspiration for your own. I challenge you do respond to one journal entry per day, for 30 days.

30 Journal Entry Prompts – one for each day of the month. Consider challenging yourself to 30 days of journaling using these prompts! Modify them as you see fit; these are meant to inspire you to think deeply about your life as an educator.

  1. Why did I become an educator/helper/healer?

  2. How has my vision of being an educator changed over time?

  3. What are three words or phrases that describe my professional philosophy?

  4. Which of my teammates can I count on to help me fall in love with my work again? Who takes away my passion?

  5. What are the small victories I’ve experienced this week?

  6. How do I want my patients/clients/students to remember me?

  7. What do I love about this generation of clients/students?

  8. “They aren’t giving me a hard time; they are having a hard time.” What does this mean to me?

  9. How do I recharge my batteries during the busy work day?

  10. This week, my goal is to:

  11. When was the last time my patients/clients/students has a ton of fun in class? When is my next opportunity to create fun?

  12. How do I show care and love for people?

  13. Which of my teammates needs some love and help this week?

  14. To take care of myself and “turn off work,” I’m going to…

  15. I wish my boss knew…

  16. What do I love about my company’s culture?

  17. In three years, …

  18. The best part of my day is…

  19. What am I grateful for?

  20. If I was serious about _________, I would ________.

  21. What would I like to do this summer that’s not work-related?

  22. How have I been challenged lately? What have I learned from this challenge?

  23. Where do I dedicate most of my time, from most to least, during the day?

  24. In what ways have I grown since my first year as a helper/healer/educator?

  25. What am I afraid of as a professional?

  26. If I were to grow even more supportive of my clients/students, I would ____________.

  27. I aspire to ________ (list or free write)

  28. Why is this still the greatest profession?

  29. I want to start _____, stop _____, continue _____.

  30. How have I made a difference?

Thank you! You are AMAZING!

In case no one’s told you yet today, you’re an amazing person for caring about others, and you make a difference! Thanks for all you do – take care, and happy journaling! What are some other journal prompts that you love? Leave them in the Comments below!

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