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As a school principal, it can be challenging to keep a focus on quality instruction, staff morale, school culture, and the student experience. The ideal staff meeting or professional development would help a school to improve all of these!


Play the Staff Meeting Block Game!


Using a wooden block game (Jenga TM is traditionally used) and mailing labels, these read-made discussion prompts will help promote dialogue on your staff, improve staff morale, build shared leadership among all staff, and build empathy among teammates. 


Simply print the purchased file on labels, affix to your wooden blocks, and play the game! Quick, fun, and positive


This Staff Meeting Block Game features:

- 5-page PDF instant digital download 

- Instructions to play and precise list of Avery (TM) labels to purchase

- 81 pre-written questions/prompts in 8 important color-coded categories: 


School Pride

Get to Know Each Other

Positive Team Culture

Instructional Strategies

All About Our Students

Our Wider Community

Improving Our School



- 9 intentionally blank "write in" prompts that allow you to customize the discussion to your team's unique needs

- Print instantly from your favorite printer! (in color or B&W)


Required Materials (sold separately):

- Jenga (TM) game with standard blocks (buy here on Amazon)

- Mailing labels

- A printer


This purchase is for one licensed copy; reproducing and distributing this game is prohibited. I’m an educator just like you – please don’t share. Copyright 2024 Sassy Bluejay, LLC – All rights reserved. Registered with the US Copyright Office 2024.


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