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Create School Pride Custom Bookmarks

These cute bookmarks are an awesome way to celebrate so much in your school! They promote a literacy culture and are completely customizable. Give them to students, staff, or families. I keep dozens on hand and can always use more.

Watch the tutorial now:

Ideas for your bookmarks:

Use them in your New Teacher care packages along with a staff t-shirt, mug, or welcome basket.

Include one with your staff book for the year.

Give them to students as incentives, prizes, or to those students you know *love* reading.

Add them to a gift basket from your school during a fundraiser.

They make a great, quick gift for the unexpected visitor – the mayor who swings by, the politician guest speaker, or the parent volunteer.

What you’ll need:

  • Card stock in your school colors (at least 65lb weight)

  • Printer

  • Paper Cutter or scissors

  • Laminator

  • Whole punch

  • Ribbon in coordinating color, cut to 7 inches in length


  1. (Check out my how-to video above!) Print your bookmark message on your card stock. Use Canva, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word.

  2. Cut out each individual bookmark with your paper cutter or scissors.

  3. Laminate your bookmarks separately. If you laminate the whole sheet at once, you run the risk of the edges being damaged during use.

  4. Using your scissors or paper cutter, cut out each book mark.

  5. If you want to add ribbon, use your hole punch to cut out a small hole, centered in the middle toward the top. Cut ribbon into 7″ strips. Fold the ribbon in half and poke the ends through the hole. Loop the backside of the ribbon around, pulling snuggly.

Did you make these teacher morale boosters? Show off photos of your bookmarks and @tag me@ on Instagram! @opendoorprincipal

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