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Principal Well-Being - Managing Stress and Staying Healthy

Practical Self-Care for School Leaders

There are many things we learn about a job after we accept it. For many school administrators, that includes understanding that the principalship can be extremely stressful.

Principal wellbeing is essential to the success of a school; I’d argue that my school’s achievements are directly proportional to the quality and quantity of self-care in which I invest.

The Stress Though

Administrators face challenges unlike many others in schools. We are the “people in charge.” Therefore the situations that make it to our desk are often complex, highly emotional, and not always smooth to navigate.

For example, today I happened upon a quick video on social media and quickly found myself glued to the five-minute segment. The video was from a popular interview show where a parent who had recently went off on a school administrator was being interviewed about their behavior. Like any high-ratings interview show, they included the viral video and showed a global audience the behavior of this extremely angry parent; like 11 out of 10 anger. I am not one to typically get pulled into the allure of just any viral video. But this one had me in its grips.

Any one of us could be that administrator to a parent.