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New Year Reflection Questions - FREE PDF for You

My favorite holiday is definitely New Year’s Eve. I don’t celebrate at a huge party or with crowds of people. Instead, my best friend and I have a tradition of spending New Year’s Eve together. We often visit a new city, enjoy a delicious dinner, and ring in the new year with lots of reflection and conversation. For me, I can't imagine a more refreshing way to usher out last year and welcome in the new one.

As an educator, I really enjoy the cycles of the year - the exciting ramp up to a new school year in late summer. The ability to uncharge at just the right times during Winter and Spring Break. That perfectly-timed ease into a much-needed summer. So it's no wonder that I appreciate an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by, and dream big for what's to come in the new year.

Talking through this with a favorite friend is time well spent!

Each year, my friend and I bring reflection questions for one another. She is also an educator, which is a bonus for being able to empathize and sympathize with each other. This allows us to really think about the wins and growth of the past year – personal and professional. The conversation is rich and it’s the perfect way to tie a bow on the past year. Undoubtedly, we both feel very excited for the next year as we wake up to a new day after long talks into the night.

These also make great staff gifts! This PDF is really easy to print on cute paper, roll them up and tie with a bow – a perfect little something to put in staff mailboxes before Winter Break.

Do you have a tradition of reflecting with your students, staff, or loved ones around New Year's Eve? What reflection questions are your favorite? Leave a comment below!

To DOWNLOAD these free New Year Reflection questions, click the button above OR simply click here.

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