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July's Teacher Success Tips

How to Recharge the Right Way, Summer Savings, and Staying in Love with Teaching

(Psst, teachers! This is ONE MONTH in my popular 12-month series! See the whole series here and have an awesome year!)

Quick Things to Think about this Month

I'm sorry to interrupt your busy summer! But there are a few things I highly recommend all teachers think about, so August isn't so crazy.

If you’ve been following my monthly series, you read tips each month (from experience) of how to THRIVE, in and out of the classroom. You see, I understand that teaching is such a complex career! From one educator to another…I see you – I am so grateful for you – and I want to tell you THANK YOU!

Therefore I have one very important tip this month:

Recharge Those Batteries

Sometimes as educators, we get through half our summer and realize our time has been spent on anything but ourselves. Have you already been doing those things that fill your cup? Makes you happy? How do you have fun? Celebrate time off? Are you someone who sleeps in? Stays up late? Gets up early? Has that extra cup of coffee…at 4PM!?

Whatever you do to recharge those batteries – do it. No guilt, no shame, no regret. Because there are 40 weeks out the year when you *wish* you could do those things! Now’s the time.

I know that a refreshed educator provides the best love, support and interventions for kids. Therefore this month, please focus on your own self-care, mental health, physical and emotional health, peace of mind and creative spirit. Do these things with no guilt, no judgement, and no regrets, please!

Journal and Reflect

My journey as an educator has had lots of ups, and my fair share of downs. Each year, each class, each principal makes a difference in my day-to-day life. At the end of every school day, I’m so tired that the last thing I want to do is think about school more! So Summer is a perfect time to do this.

July is a great time to reflect and remember all the great reasons why I love teaching. It gives me time to think about the group dynamics of my school, my colleagues and my bosses. Who really helps me fall in love with teaching each day, and who brings me down? With whom do I want to collaborate more? Try on some of their ideas or brainstorm together?

I’ve created a list of 30 Journal Prompts for Educators that I use to meditate, write and reflect during July – when I’ve got a little time and space away from the job. Check out the 30 Journal Prompts here!

Each July, I score a new cute notebook or journal (and cute pens to go with it!). It feels fresh, new and rewarding. Plus I’m drawn to use it since I always buy super cute ones! Here are a few that I positively love.

Bullet Journals:

I love to Bullet Journal! It's a perfect combination of creativity and productivity. This three-pack is the best deal out there.

These are my *favorite* bullet journaling markers/pens. They have a dual tip ~ one side is a brush marker, the other is a fine-point for writing and outlining.

Lined Journals:

This three-pack is a great day and the covers are very sturdy! I always keep one of these little guys tucked in my bag. The spiral binding makes it easy to use both sides of the pages.

Another great option are these softer-covered lined notebooks. They are lightweight but durable. The cute colors make them a fun option for journaling!

Another great option is a journal template like this one, focusing on mindfulness. It has specific categories to fill out daily.

Amazon Prime Days

Don’t forget Amazon Prime Days are coming. Amazon hooks teachers UP during Prime Days.

I've curated a list of Amazon's best savings for educators. Check it out here. Bookmark it and check back on Prime Days! I'll update the page constantly and connect you with the best deals in real-time, as they roll out.

Though we don’t know the exact sales for this year yet (typically released in June), here’s what was HOT during the past few years: EXPO markers for dirt cheap, pre-sharpened Amazon pencils (250) for $9! I’m such a teacher nerd…I love school supplies, and I really love DEALS on school supplies! I bought everything for the year on these two days…and with free shipping! Can’t beat it.

Take Care of Yourself!

I hope you enjoy a restful Break – you deserve it! Don’t forget to follow us on IG, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Have an awesome summer!

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