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December's Teacher Success Tips

Giving Opportunities, Focus on Student Mental Health, and Relaxation

(Psst, teachers! This is ONE MONTH in my popular 12-month series! See the whole series here and have an awesome year!)

Hi Teachers, Happy December!

December is a great month to be an educator. Who’s with me!?

This month may be short but it sure is mighty. Primary and elementary friends are incorporating winter-themed decor and lessons throughout their day. Students are learning holiday songs and those classic winter tunes – culminating in those oh-so-cute nighttime music performances.

Trips through the staff room are rarely empty-handed; parents and colleagues share their gratitude with cookies, desserts and confections. School teams enjoy an afternoon holiday party filled with camaraderie, gift exchanges and non-work talk (if only for a few minutes).

Make the most of December (and the rest of the year) with these tips from a fellow educator! I wish each of you time to reconnect with those you love over Winter Break. May you find relaxation, rejuvenation, and gratitude.

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The Spirit of Giving

There are many families in our community in need this time of year, and there are lots of opportunities for service learning. Consider if there’s a project your class or school can take on to help. Choose your project strategically:

Which nonprofits are seeking support? Is this a school-wide project, or specific to your classroom? How old are your students? What is a reasonable expectation for how much they can help? How much time will this require during or outside of school hours?

Based on the answers to those questions, check out these Giving Ideas for schools or classrooms:

Book Donations: