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School No Contact Contract: How to Help Resolve Conflicts Among Students

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What is a School No Contact Contract?

A school No Contact Contract is a tool used by school administrators (Dean of Students, Assistant or Vice Principals, or Principals) when student conflicts escalate and the learning environment is negatively impacted for at least one student. Born out of experience and refined over the years, I have used these with great success in middle and high schools. My elementary colleagues have also found success with these, especially in upper elementary grade levels.

Students mutually and willingly enter into these agreements in an effort to decrease the impact a conflict is having on them and their school experience.

A school No Contact Contract is a written document used to acknowledge that a conflict exists between students, that one or more students' learning is impacted, and that both students are willing to take steps to stop their role in the conflict. The written document contains explicit instructions for how students can and cannot treat each other, school's response, and the consequences if students choose to violate the agreement.

I have most commonly used these in matters regarding bullying, harassment, cyberbullying, and long-standing conflicts among students. These have also been used when parents and family members (those outside of school) contact the school regarding student conflicts that impact time outside and inside school.

Other names for School No Contact Contracts include:

  • No Contact Agreements

  • No Contact Orders

  • Behavioral Agreements (less common)

  • (my personal favorite) Distance and Respect Contracts or Agreements

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When to Use a School No Contact Contract