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Principal's Social Media Calendar

Best-selling tool to promote your school and engage students, families, and the community

Ready to Use – Designed for Principals

The principalship is one of the most complex careers today. We school leaders wear SO many hats and fill countless roles each day. It’s no wonder that keeping up with social media for principals sometimes falls by the wayside. This principal’s social media calendar will change the way you keep up with your community and families! As a fellow administrator, it’s changed the way I do business.

Tell Your School’s Whole Story

Social media tells your readers a story – whether you use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to communicate with your audience. Tell your school’s complete story by touching on different topics each day, rotated strategically to capture all the great elements of a high-performing school.

Nearly everything the Principal should recognize – School celebrations (like Classified Appreciation Week, Counselor Appreciation Week), holidays, school holidays (like Read Across America Day) and more. This robust school social media calendar even includes monthly heritage and community celebrations like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month and more. This calendar takes the guess work out of social media for principals.


This social media calendar for principals was designed to touch on all the important aspects of a school (in 10 categories). Therefore each day showcases a different part of school life:

  • Dedicated Awesome Teammates like teachers, assistants, custodians, nurses and more

  • Show school pride with Love My School

  • Fun Matters! Celebrate light-hearted fun, staff and students enjoying learning, and “Throwbacks” to your school in the past.

  • Engaged Students – show off the deep learning and engagement found throughout your school.

  • As the Lead Learner at your school, take an opportunity to engage parents in learning more about their child’s development, or show off how you stay engaged as a life-long learner.

  • …also several other categories!

This Social Media Calendar was designed BY a school principal, FOR other school principals.

This school social media calendar was also designed to share with secretaries! Do you have an amazing administrative assistant who lends a hand with social media? In that case, hand this easy-to-use template over to them. Be sure they have access to lots of photos of your school, and let them keep the community connected to your school.


It contains the following helpful features for principals: 26 page school social media calendar including 12 months of unique, school-specific prompts – School-specific celebration weeks (like Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurse’s Day, Classified Appreciation Week and more!) National Holidays Monthly celebrations (like Women’s History Month, Library Month, etc.) – Prompts in 10 different categories including: Lead Learner, Engaged Students, Fun Matters!, Love My School, Awesome Teammates and more. – Easy-to-read color coding system to ensure a variety of posts 365 days of prompts on a school schedule (August – July) Seasonal and thematic prompts (ex. Back to School, Winter, etc.) – Highlight staff, students, volunteers, community partners, secretaries, nurses, custodians, bus drivers – the whole crew is honored throughout the year!

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