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Never-fail Successful Parent Phone Calls – and a FREE Template

Parent Calls and Teachers

Regardless of what grade you teach, parents love to know what is happening with their child’s education. Sure, we may hear from elementary parents more than high school, but that doesn’t mean they are less invested in their success!

In this era of emails, texting and print communication, many educators have the opinion that sending a quick email will suffice. And fortunately for schools, student information systems make it super easy to click a button and – ZIP! – send a message. However, nothing is as powerful as parent phone calls! It helps build relationships, demonstrate care, and prevent miscommunication. (Raise your hand if someone ever misunderstood what you put in a text or email!)

If you want to change behavior, call home. And if you want to build rapport with your families and students, call home. Calling parents is powerful, and here’s how to ensure the call is an absolute success, every time!

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Know Your Student before Calling Parents

Take some time to get to know “the little things” about your student before picking up that phone. That’s because the little things matter when talking to parents. After all, they have known this person their entire life.

If it’s early in your relationship with the student, make sure you have their name pronunciation down before you make parent phone calls! Over the years, I’ve seen some unique and difficult to master names on the first day of school. Double check with the student during class, then practice – practice – practice!

It helps to have your student information system open so you can see more about the student, with a simple click of the mouse. In your mind, quickly build a little information about the family before you begin calling parents.

Do they have siblings at the school? Did you teach their older brother, sister or cousin in the past? Do they live near the school or far away? Who might answer? Mom or Dad? Grandma or Grandpa, or perhaps an older sibling who serves as guardian? Even if you don’t know everything about the student, use the student information system to be ready for anything. Trust me – there’s nothing more awkward than fumbling through a call and hearing yourself say, “Oh, wait, we’ve met?” realizing their sibling was in your class two years ago!

Have A Plan When You Are Calling Parents

Now, I know there is very little time to make calls in your super-packed day. Parent phone calls slowly makes their way to the bottom of the “priority list.” This is especially true for teachers who have lunch duty, bus duty, lots of preps, ugh! There is never a moment when students aren’t present. If you’re like most teachers, phone calls happen as buses are leaving and you’re juggling twelve other tasks.

Before you make parent phone calls, pause. Be intentional when picking up the phone and making a parent contact. A great call can have a lasting impression and make for a wonderful parent-teacher relationship for the rest of the year.

Be sure to download your free Template for Successfully Calling Parents! It’s a quick way to plan the call and master that personal contact.