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Principal Finder PDF

principal finder freebie PDF

Totally Customizable!

     In a typical work day, principals and school administrators can easily put in over 10,000 steps on our school's campus. This can make the principal someone who is hard to track down at times. Consider, too, those times when you are in your office ~ but are not available while on a phone call, in a meeting, or working on a time-sensitive project.


I like to use a Principal Finder to communicate with my teammates about where I am and what I'm up to. This is a simple leadership tool to honor their time and help with transparency. Add a magnet or clothes pin, showing where you are at any moment.

Try this fun tip from principal Annette, who downloaded and uses this in her office. She says that each month, she uses a different bitmoji of herself and moves it around the Finder ~ cute and fun!

I created this simple Principal Finder PDF and am sharing it with you today. 

Here's how I made it, and how you can make your own (if you'd like to edit my version):

Yes - Canva! It's is one of my *favorite* must-have Principal supplies for every school.  If you haven’t worked with Canva yet, this is the time to do it!  Canva has been a game changer in the way I do business as a school leader.  I access it daily and so does my entire office staff - counselors, Athletic Director, secretaries, teachers! In fact, I use it so much that I purchase the Canva Pro version, which is money well spent IMO.  

If you’re just getting started with Canva, then the free version is perfect for you needs.  

One of the best parts about Canva is their HUGE choice in fonts.  Huge as in… THOUSANDS.  The free version offers great access, but the Pro version is next level.  However, it’s a little cumbersome to search through all of them; scrolling through the A’s alone takes a while!  

Don't forget to grab another freebie while you're here!

I’ve created a simple Canva Font Cheat Sheet of my 70+ favorite go-to fonts.  It’s yours to download here!  Looking for a different selection?  Create your own Cheat Sheet!  Check out my simple tutorial video of how to make your own.  

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