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A Social Media Calendar for Teacher Entrepreneurs

Ready-to-Use and Just for the Edupreneur

Are you an edupreneur? Do you have a Teachers Pay Teachers store? An Etsy shop? Your own website or blog? Are you trying to grow your traffic and social following all while showcasing your great creations for the classroom? Whether you earn from selling resources, ad revenue or as an affiliate marketer, this calendar is for you. It’s easy to use and takes the guess work out of what to post and when. As a fellow educator, I’ve created a TEACHER-SPECIFIC Social Media Calendar, just for my fellow teacher side-hustlers.

It will change the way you keep up with your followers and help you grow your daily social media and virtual storefront traffic.

Tell You Teacher Story & Grow Your Influence as an Edupreneur

Social media tells your readers a story, and we know that stories sell! We’re “people people” – we love to support fellow educators that we respect and trust, even if we only know them over Instagram or Twitter.

Whether you use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to communicate with your audience, this Calendar is for you. Tell your complete career story by touching on different topics each day, rotated strategically to capture all the great elements of a modern teacher and edupreneur. Each day, each week, highlight on-trend, timely topics that engage your audience and help showcase your brand. Includes detailed descriptions of the 10 categories, tag and hashtag suggestions to grow your following, tips for posting in bulkand how to save time with social media.

Nearly everything that will attract a huge following of fellow teachers – showcase your products in a non-pushy way, celebrate holidays, school holidays (like Dr. Seuss’s birthday) and more. This robust school social media calendar even includes monthly heritage and community celebrations like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month and more. This calendar takes the guess work out of social media for the teacher edupreneur.

10 Categories for the Many Facets of the Edupreneur

This social media calendar for teacher sellers was designed to touch on all the important aspects of a school (in 10 categories). Therefore each day showcases a different part of Teacher Life:

  • Building My Brand allows you to easily integrate your brand’s identity – this creates repeat customers who know what you represent!

  • Show teacher pride with Best Career Ever posts about the profession

  • Fun Matters! Celebrate light-hearted fun, the joy of teaching, and “Throwbacks” to your career in the past.

  • Love My Students – show off the deep learning and engagement found in your classroom

  • Show off how you’re Always Learning at your school. Talk best practices and how you’re growing as a teacher. Fellow teachers LOVE this!

  • …also several other categories!

Features of Your Social Media Calendar

It contains the following helpful features for Teacher Sellers (bloggers, TpT, Etsy): – 23 page school social media calendarincluding 12 months of unique, school-specific prompts – School-specific celebration weeks (like Nurse’s Day, Administrative Assistant’s Day and more!) Never miss another school celebration; the dates are built in to your 2020-21 calendar – National Holidays in the USMonthly celebrations (like Women’s History Month, School Library Month, etc.) – Prompts in 10 different categoriesincluding: Building My Brand, Best Career Ever, Fun Matters!, Love My Students, Always Learning and more. – Easy-to-read color coding system to ensure a variety of posts – 365 days of prompts on a school schedule (August – July). Yes – even Summer! – Seasonal and thematic prompts (ex. Back to School, Winter, etc.) – Highlight all elements of Teacher Life – Comprehensive How-To Do Social Media Guide – build your social media following; post quickly and easily; use Social Media Schedulers and create a months’ worth of posts in a fraction of the time; create your own cute graphics including those with animation, text and images. – Top Trending hashtags and tags to use in your posts in order to multiply your traffic and gain visibility

Master the Art of the Successful Edupreneur

I know you’ve seen their posts – they are official ambassadors of great brands for teachers, or they are showing off the cutest teacher clothes or classroom resources! You know that they’re doing well financially in their niche. How on earth have they broken into the industry?

Fellow teacher sellers will tell you – it’s important to be strategic and intentional when it comes to your social media plan. There are so many facets to being an edupreneur that it’s easy to lose track of social media. That’s because it takes a steady strategy – one that helps you gain visibility and increase your brand recall.

Utilizing the strategies outline in this calendar, many teacher sellers have taken charge of their social media game – with ease. This allows you to focus your time on building great content, engaging with your active audience, and developing your brand. With daily prompts, a variety of topics, and strategically-timed posts, you can keep current and save time.

Happy Selling!

Whether your a part-time teacher seller or someone looking to make significant money from your growing side hustle, an active social media presence will undoubtedly part of your strategy.

This comprehensive tool will the guess work out of how to engage your audience, earn followers, and get your brand in front of thousands.

Happy Selling, fellow educators, and good luck! Read more about the Teacher Social Media Calendar Template here, including seeing more sample photos and reading reviews.

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